Tirupati is the abode for the famous Hindu temple of Lord Venkateswara. It is the richest Hindu religious institution and second richest in the world after the Vatican. It records an annual income of about 416 Crore Rupees , mostly from offerings by the devotees.One day Income of Rs.2.65 crore is Record 'hundi' collection on Jan.1.2008. Every year, 20 Crore devotees visits The Tirumala Temple.


Abode for Lord Siva worshipped with the name of Mallikarjuna and Goddess Parvathi, worshipped with the name of Bhramaramba. Srisailam has a unique distinction amongst the Hindu temples of the world; it is the only place to be one of 18 Shaktipithas and one of 12 Jyothirlingas.


Abode for Lord Rama.Bhadrachalam is famous temple of Sri Seetaramachandra Swamy in India. Situated on the left bank of the mighty river Godavari it is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus, as it is considered to be one of the greatest holy shrines in South India with a historical background.The Temple was constructed in 17th century by the local Tahsildar, Kancharla Gopanna popularly known as Bhakta Ramdas, a Great devotee of Sri Lord Rama.


SriKalahasti is one of the Panchabhoota Sthalams signifying the 5 elements, 1) wind (Kalahasti), 2) water (Thiruvanaikaval), 3) fire (Tiruvannamalai), 4) earth (Kanchipuram) and 5) space (Chidambaram) that Siva embodies.

Brahmamgari Matam

Brahmam garu is a famous person who envisaged many events of the Dark Age (Kaliyuga). In fact, what all he predicted has really happened. People still believe that Brahmamgari will appear as "Veerabhoga Vasantha Rayalu" in Kaliyuga, to demolish the evil forces and restore the values.


The holy shrine is the sanctum sanctorum of Lord "Satyadeva" or "Satyanarayana".


This holy shrine is the adobe of Lord Narasimha, worshipped in the name of "Narasimha".

Kanaka Durga Temple

This holy shrine a famous temple in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located on the Indrakeeladri hill in the city of Vijayawada on the banks of Krishna River.

Pillala Marri

Temples built by Kakatiya dynasty gives a clear picture of their culture through the exquisite pillars, beautiful paintings and several ancient inscriptions.

Ramappa Temple

a Shiva temple in the temple town of Palampet, near Warangal.